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How to Fluff Up Your Pillows the Right Way

After your room is spotless and clean, you want to take care of the final making your pillows look as great as they feel.

We love these Good Housekeeping tips they published from a housekeeper :) 

Step 1. Karate chop the middle 

The purpose of this technique is to make it easier to fit the pillow into the sham by folding it in half first. Then, once it unfolds inside of the pillowcase, it fits like a glove.

Step 2. Flatten aggressively

Next, press all of the air out of the pillow before standing it up. To do this, put your hands in the middle, then slowly push both them out in opposite directions repeatedly until your pillow is as flat as a board and about half as thick as before you started.

Step 3. Position with care

Once you're done, grab the top two corners of your pillowcase and stand the pillow up next to your bed frame — do not (I repeat, do not) lean it against the headboard. If you've successfully made a "happy" pillow it should stand tall and proud on its own. Tah-dah!





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