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Hey Girl!
Welcome to The Cleaning Girl, the #1 local resource for connecting busy Homeowners with qualified Housekeepers!

Who Are We?

The Cleaning Girl is a female focused brand, founded in 2013 with the mission of providing a rewarding opportunity for women that includes an entrepreneurial pathway, flexible scheduling and supplemental income to meet their personal and financial goals.

We currently service Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania through our network of Housekeepers. Once onboarded, you get to control your own availability by setting what hours, days of the week and location that you want to be assigned cleaning homes. It is completely up to you!

Work From Anywhere, When You Want 

Forget the Low Pay Retail Job

 No More Nights & Weekends

Stay Home on the Holidays

Be in Control of YOU

Highest Payouts! 

You'll earn the highest payouts, on average, in the entire industry through our Pay for Performance Program.  

Tips Included 

Training Included

Friday Direct Deposit

House Cleaning Kit 

F/T = Vacation & Holiday Pay

Earn A Living Wage

We're proud to pay out a living wage and not minimum wage or marginally higher. We believe women should be able to earn enough to meet their needs in relation to the actual real cost of living in their area and support their families. To us, this means having financial security, purchase a reliable car, afford health insurance, take a vacation, save for retirement and, of course, buy your own home. All of these priorities matter!

Earn More Cash!

Our amazing Professional Housekeepers can earn additional cash by recruiting new Housekeepers to join our network!

Any qualified recruit that joins our team will be entered into the same Pay for Performance Program as you but GUESS WHAT?!

You'll also get, on top of your regular earnings for cleaning, an extra monthly referral payment for 3%* of what we pay out your recruits!

●    Earn 3% of your recruits payments

●    Send your recruit to the Apply Page & list your name

●    Recruit someone once, get paid over & over again*

Just to give you an idea of how powerful our Referral Recruitment Program, here are some examples of what your earnings would look like:

●    1 recruit/3 days per week = $150/mth, $1950/yr*

●    3 recruits/3 days per week = $450/mth, $5850/yr*

●    5 recruits/3 days per week = $750/mth, $9750/yr*

*Estimates only. Referral earnings will vary based from person to person

 That’s an average of an extra $5000 per year!!!

 Who Doesn’t Need an extra FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS?!

Google Reviews Get You CASH!!!

Google Reviews are the Heart & Soul of our Online Reputation...and we couldn’t have them without the hardworking efforts of our Housekeepers! So for every 5 STAR Google Review received, you earn $10!!!

$10/10 review = $100

$10/50 reviews = $500

$10/100 reviews = $1000

But Wait, There’s More!!!

It will take a little time to build up your roster of regular recurring Customers (average 90 days) and growing your schedule is not just our responsibility, it is yours too!  Don't worry though, we got your back!

Check out some of these awesome details:

●    Eligibility for Monthly Performance Winner; Cash, Swag, Gifts

●    Monthly Professional Development Meeting: This is an optional, one on one Zoom meeting with our Support Coach to assist in planning your pathway to success!

●    Teach the Trainee: We know a great cleaner when we see one and if selected, you'll join our Trainer List for on-boarding weekly Trainees! This invite only opportunity includes an extra payment of up to $125 per week!!!

We get You because We are You!!!

The Cleaning Girl is an award winning company and proudly established throughout three states. Because of our hard working marketing approach, you'll get bookings just because you are in our network! We take care of the hard stuff; training, supplies, billing, advertising, reviews, client concerns, scheduling plus so much more.

However, ultimately, it is up to you to be professional, reliable and impress your homeowner with Chik Fil A customer service and Amazon details and delivery! By participating in The Cleaning Girl Academy, you’ll be on the fast track to success and a top producer in no time at all!

How Do I Join? 

It’s sooooo EASY! Just follow these STEPS:

  1. Fill out the Form below
  2. Click the APPLY TODAY button below
  3. Join us via Google Link for our next Q&A Session
If you are selected, a member of our Support Team will contact you personally via phone, text and email within 72 hours for the next steps to success!  

Criminal Record Check

Due to the nature of the business, all cleaning services are performed inside of Residential Homes. Therefore, a clean criminal background check is required in order to be accepted into the network. If you already drive for Uber, Lyft or DoorDash, you may upload a copy, no less than 12 months old, upon onboarding.

What’s Required?


All Housekeepers are required to provide their own transportation. 

Bank Account 

A Bank Account is required for Direct Deposit.

Cell Phone 

A Cell Phone with Applicable Storage is required. 

What Happens after I Apply?

If qualified, our Support Team will contact you via phone, email and text with the next steps to success within 72 hours. Please continue to check your spam folder.

If you have any questions, please contact us directly:

Unfortunately, you are currently not eligible to apply.